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First of Its Kind TV Show

Dr. Ervin Asomani, inventor of infant innovators, a hands free bottle holder for babies, talks about his invention, and also his experience pitching his idea to investors.

In June 2016, the Inventors Network of the Capital Area (INCA), held its monthly meeting at TechShop in Arlington Virginia. Ara Boghosian, product design specialist, was one of the guest speakers. Persons interviewed in this episode include Dana Knowles, INCA President, Nami Khadem inventor of Smart Swab, Johnny Dukovich, Oil Painting & LED lights artist, Daniel Rosenberry, inventor of Orcavue and Kristen Merek, TechShop staff. They talk about their inventions, and the benefits of networking. This is about an hour.

Ara Boghosian, a product design specialist, mechanical engineer and inventor, discusses why inventors need to understand the various stages in product design and manufacturing in the invention process. This is about 30 minutes.

Raoul Drapeau shared his experience patenting his inventions himself and explained some criteria inventors must meet, before they try to file their patent application themselves. He also showed us some of his notable inventions. We had a great time trying out the Paddle It.

Ron Moore discusses his experience on hiring a patent attorney to obtain a patent for various inventions. He also talks about pitfalls aspiring inventors must avoid when preparing to file a patent application.

Thomas Auchterlonie, a patent attorney with Symbus Law Group, explains the importance of finding the right patent attorney to guide you in filing a patent application.

Howard University Patent and Trademark Specialist, Adia Coleman, takes us on the step-by-step process on how to obtain a patent for your invention. She also touches on marketing and trademarking the name of your product.



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