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Pay packages for female CEOs fell last year after big gains in 2021, ranks remain thin (Wed, 31 May 2023)
Last year was a mixed bag pay-wise for the women who run companies in the S&P 500 -- compensation increased for more than half of them, but the median pay package fell 6%
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How AP and Equilar calculated CEO pay (Wed, 31 May 2023)
For its annual analysis of CEO pay, The Associated Press used data provided by Equilar, an executive data firm
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Design Latest

The Ghost of Invention: A Visit to Bell Labs (Wed, 08 Jan 2020)
Whatever happened to Bell Labs, which was once the hallmark of invention? The famed author Douglas Coupland investigates.
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Inside a Strange Three-Day, Hand-Crafted Mission to Europa (Wed, 08 Jan 2020)
Adam Savage, prop designer and Mythbuster, explores the sublime handmade brilliance (and deep space nerdery) of artist Tom Sachs.
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“I have no idea what another writer feels when they’re writing.... (Tue, 22 Aug 2017)
“I have no idea what another writer feels when they’re writing. I don’t know if, like me, they’re walking down the street thinking they’ve got all these yummy treats for dinner—a bag full of delicious antipasto and stuff—and just as you’re ready to eat you suddenly get this thing, this idea, and instead of eating you grab your iPad or your pencil and run away to another room while everyone else fills their plates. It is what is is. You recognize the message when you start to receive it and you drop what you’re doing.“ —Tori Amos on listening to your muses (via @thecreativeindependent)
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Handpicked Happening: “It’s okay to have some help.” (Sun, 20 Aug 2017)
Welcome to Handpicked Happening, where Kickstarter creators share their recommendations for things to read, watch, and listen to. Want to get Happening delivered right to your inbox? Sign up here. Animation by Tin Kadoic “It’s okay to have some help,” says Femsplain founder Amber Discko. That’s why she created Aloe, an online community focused on self-care. She’s launched a Kickstarter project to turn Aloe into an app that will send “gentle self-care reminders from yourself.” Below, Amber recommends some soul-soothing books, videos, and Twitter bots, and shares her own self-care strategies. What does “self-care” mean to you? Self-care is taking steps to maintain physical, mental, and emotional health. For me, self-care is disconnecting from the internet and doing activities that don’t stress me out — things that are soul-fulfilling or relaxing, like cooking soup or taking a bath in the morning. What is the Aloe community? How does the app build on it? The Aloe community exists on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. We share daily self-care reminders with our followers, things like remembering to have a sip of water or to have a snack around lunchtime. The Aloe app will do the same thing by sending these gentle reminders to your phone, making it easier for you to stay on top of your self-care tasks. What is Internet Self-Care Day, and how can people get involved? International Self-Care Day was on July 24, but we’re proposing a separate holiday on August 21 that takes the spirit of self-care online. Join us in celebrating Internet Self-Care Day by sharing your self-care routines and tips using the hashtag #ISCD17. You can also tune into Aloe’s Internet Self-Care Day live stream on August 21 at 8 pm EDT for a lesson from a self-care specialist, a group meditation session, and more. Five projects I’m into Helloplant Critical Chips, Volume 2 Since 1984: Modular Furniture System Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction Livesglass: Hourglass-Inspired Miniature Greenhouse Page from Carta Monir’s RIPMOM in Critical Chips, Volume 2 Three books I’m reading now Hunger by Roxane Gay As a fat woman, reading this book feels like self-care. Roxane’s writing has always inspired me to keep learning about experiences beyond my own. The Whole World Is Meditating by Mu-Tae Seo I found this in a pile of books at my therapist’s office. It has helped me find clarity and calm on so many occasions. Everyone’s a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn Too by Jomny Sun This book is adorable and relatable, and so many of the characters feel familiar. For example, there’s a bee who doesn’t actually want to sting anyone, he just loves his family and wants to protect them. Four Twitter bots to brighten your timeline Tiny Care Bot Emoji Meadow Emoji Aquarium Tiny Star Fields From Tiny Star Fields Three things to watch Jenn Schiffer’s talk at XOXO This presentation on how to talk to people on the internet, imposter syndrome, and trolling back as an art form has inspired me to continue putting things out online. How to Paint Your Mind by Amelia Halls Amelia uses art as a way of coping with her mental health and spreading hope to others struggling with mental illness. Her story shows that it’s possible to create something positive out of the bad days. Pokémon Go (to Sleep) by ALB in Whisperland One of my favorite ASMR videos. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and it can help people relax or fall asleep at night. It also helps people like me calm their anxiety. Etc. Animation by Sasha Katz
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