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Dana's Hanging Shower Caddy

Ever been in the shower and had to sort through a clutter of body wash, shower gels, bath salts, shampoo? Doesn’t stuff falling everywhere hamper a blissful bathing experience?

Hanging Shower Caddy, a mesh design that attaches to your shower rod and not only holds your shower conveniences but keeps your shower curtain from blowing in, is just what you need.


Meet Dana Lynn Knowles, the inventor. Dana has gone through a fascinating journey... Over the years, Dana has put forth effort in various inventive ideas, and has endured the highs and lows that come with “Yes’s”, and “No’s” … With unwavering determination, she forged ahead, and here we are 2019, Dana landed a licensing deal from Grand Fusion Housewares.  Here’s a link to Hanging Shower Caddy on Amazon:


Dana Knowles talks more about her journey in this radio interview:


Robots Rule!

Guess what we saw at this Walmart Store in Virginia, July 2019? Yep that's a robot you're looking at!
It helps employees take stock of product inventory so you can easily find your favorite items anytime you're in the store. Soooo cool...

Self Scanning Robot In Action...
I was doing some grocery shopping, when I saw this and stopped dead in my tracks... Never seen anything like it, the journalist in me could not resist filming and taking pictures!
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